Are you Listening? What Is Your Body Saying?

Our bodies are amazing and they often send us signs to show us what is wrong and what we need. Unfortunately, this can be a slow and painful experience at times, but today I want to share my gratitude for the way my body has been communicating with me.

My message to my body.

Thank you body for the lung pain

Thank you body for the fatigue

Thank you body for the shortness of breath

Thank you body for the tears

Thank you body for the heavy lymph nodes

Thank you body for the brain fog

Thank you body for telling me to spend more time outdoors

Thank you body for craving orange juice

Thank you body for waking me up early in the morning to go to the ER

Thank you body for noticing the increase in toxic fumes from our hardwood floors

Thank you body for sending me messages that something was wrong (sending me warning signals)

It may have taken me a while to figure out what you were trying to tell me, but you are heard and now I will make changes to make sure you heal and feel better. You are my priority, and I am grateful for you, each and every day.

Thank you Nia for teaching me to how to develop a healthy relationship with my body.

Are you missing a message from your body?

Is your body trying to tell you something?  Take a moment, and really listen.  Do you have tightness?  Discomfort?  Pain?  Trouble breathing?  Trouble focusing?  Are you tired?  Hungry?  Is your stomach content, or is it complaining about what you have eaten recently?  What is your body saying?

Last weekend, I hosted the wonderful Helen Terry at our dojo, and she taught a class that focused on celebrating our relationship with our body.  We danced to an amazing array of songs that helped us to tell our bodies how much we love and appreciate them, and all that they do for us.  Helen talks about how we ask so much of our body, and how we important it is to listen when it asks something of us.

Hearing the message, healing the body, adjusting perspective.

It has taken me some time to learn this lesson, and to find gratitude in my current situation – honestly, at times, it has felt like an exhausting struggle.  I realize now that I can approach this from a different perspective – that rather than fighting with my health, we can be a team, my body and me – us against the world!

I realize that, if I love and appreciate my body, and listen to what it is telling me, I can do what my body asks of me.  I can give it the gift of healing and recovery, and that soon we, my body and I, can get back to doing what we love.

Taking action.

Do you want help hearing what your body has to say?  Would you like to learn how to listen?  Come and take a Moving To Heal class with me or visit me for a health consultation.  Either way, you will begin to hear the messages your body is sending in a whole new way!

If you prefer, you can watch the video that accompanies this post here.

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