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Many of us struggle with chronic health conditions. Being sensitive to emotional and physical toxins can be painful and isolating at times. Getting back to a healthy, balanced life may feel impossible, especially when you’re not feeling well and the information flow feels overwhelming. There is a need for more joy, education, support and community on how to move forward. The good news is, you don’t need to do it alone.

Hi, my name is Pauline and I’m a Body-Centered Health Practitioner & Guide. My own journey from a registered nurse to a holistic health practitioner has included chronic illness and lots of learning. Today, I work with helping people heal from a holistic perspective, drawing from traditional medicine, energy medicine and other alternative methods.  

I go beyond labels and treatment of disease. I can help you identify the root cause of your symptoms, and together we create a plan to reclaim your health and rediscover your joyful essence I am here to help you. Join me on a journey to more energy, purpose and balance! I hope to see you soon. 

Moving To Heal

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Moving To Heal classes are joyful, soulful and heartfelt movement experiences. Come play, dance, and express yourself within our virtual community. Learn more


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Navigating a chronic health condition can be complicated and overwhelming. My hope is to help guide and support you through the process. Healing guide sessions may include discussion and support on lifestyle changes, supplements, referrals, frequency medicine, light therapy education and more.  Learn more

Free Group Support Sessions

Free health support group sessions are held following Moving To Heal class on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Classes are all based on donations so that anyone can attend. Learn more 

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"Healing requires immense strength, courage, patience and most importantly compassion."
– Pauline Osborne