Eden Daily Energy Routine

Exercises for boosting and restoring energy, increasing vitality and resilience, strengthening the immune system and more.

Verbally Guided

Experience Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine to support overall health. Exercises included in this routine are explained in more detail below.

Without Verbal Guidance

If you learned the moves and want some guidance without verbal instruction check out this video which includes the sounds of ocean waves.

Specific Daily Energy Routine Exercises

For grounding, energy, immune support and metabolism.

To help with “scrambled” brain or difficulty thinking.

To balance and harmonize energy, improve coordination, and clear thinking.

To help with mental clarity and focus when feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Standing version of Wayne Cook Posture for mental clarity and focus.

For headaches, difficulty sleeping and/or to open up the crown chakra.

For immune and detoxification support.

To help with energy and clear out toxins.

To calm the nervous system when feeling stressed or anxious.

To help feel more strong and confident in negative situations.

Other Exercises

Learn how to test your polarity (flow of the energy circuits), correct polarity and energy test with the sway method. Learn how you can use the sway method to determine what foods, supplements and other things your body needs or wants. Please don’t use method for medications.

An introduction into The Power of Love Routine that includes energy medicine, dance and martial arts. For the full playlist, visit here

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