Movement & Energy Medicine

Moving To Heal offers a variety of movement and energy medicine experiences. Private classes and workshops may be available by contacting Pauline.

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance is Free-Form Conscious Dance, allowing you to Be and Move as You Wish. As soon as you enter the space, you are invited to let go of judgements and expectations, and allow yourself to feel your emotions, sensations, body, mind and spirit. All freedom of expression is welcomed, and there is no ‘right and wrong’ here. Trust in the journey and move through everything that arises. 

Ecstatic Dance events are a collaborative effort in the Sequim community and led by different individuals.

Energy Medicine

Learn various energy medicine tools and exercises to integrate into your life and practice. 

Eden Energy Medicine exercises are available online and may be integrated into other classes and experiences.

Group sessions to learn about LifeWave Phototherapy Wearable Technology are available. Contact Pauline to book an informational session for your friends, family or organization.

Moving To Heal

Our Moving To Heal classes include joyful, soulful and heartfelt movement that integrates dance, martial arts and energy medicine. You will rediscover your authentic playful self through this healing integrative program that will leave you feeling more energized, grounded, relaxed and supported. Classes are open to any age or fitness level and students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and adapt as needed. 

Stay tuned for in-person classes in Sequim, WA or contact Pauline to schedule a private individual or group session. In the meantime, join me on Moving To Heal YouTube Channel.

Health Education Classes

Moving To Heal offers a variety of health-related education classes that can be tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals, organizations and community members. Contact Pauline to schedule your personalized classes and stay tuned for community classes as they become available.

Enviromental Health

Moving To Heal is passionate about educating healthcare professionals and community members about how toxins in our air, water, food and consumer products can contribute to health concerns and what lifestyle changes can be made to reduce exposures. 

Identifying and addressing underlying root causes of health concerns not only creates a healthier more productive community but also reduces healthcare costs.

Healthcare Topics

  • Environmental Toxin Assessments
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance
  • Going Green – Choosing healthier products
  • Creating healthier & accessible environments
  • Health impacts of indoor & outdoor air pollution
  • Identifying and addressing underlying root causes of health concerns: toxins, pathogens, diet, exercise, etc.
  • Could the products you are using contributing to health concerns?
  • How to be Scent-Free/Fragrance-Free


Please don’t wear perfume and any products that contain fragrance the day of class. This also includes essential oils. Examples of scented products may include lotions, deodorants, hair gel, hair spray, laundry detergent, dryer sheets and more. Smokers also must be free of any smoke on their clothes or in their hair.  Learn more about Fragrance Free and how to make the change. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.

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