Informational resources to learn more about being fragrance-free, air quality, multiple chemical sensitivity, toxic-free travel and various environmental organizations. Plus find resources to safely renovate your home and buy organic clothing, furniture, bedding and more. For other information on specific products, visit the Product page. 

For Energy Medicine resources, visit the Lifewave Phototherapy and Energy Medicine Exercises pages.

Fragrance-Free & Scent-Free

Fragrance-Free Checklist

CDC Policy

Fragrance-Free Policies & Indoor Environments by Dr. Anne Steinemann (leading researcher on fragrance sensitivities)

Moving To Heal Scent-Free policy

Fragrance-Free Policy Template by American Lung Association

Seattle area organizations with policies*: Evergreen Health Medical CenterKaiser PermanenteEPAQ Center at UW, WA Homeopathy

Accommodation and Compliance for Fragrance Sensitivities

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners: Right to Know Report

Chemical Emissions from Essential Oils

*Contact Pauline if you are a local organization that includes fragrance-free or scent-free policies

Air Quality

7 Ways to Create a Clean Air Oasis (includes cleaning recipes)

PurpleAir: Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring (purchase air monitors for inside and outside of home; monitor air quality in neighborhood)

IQ Air (air purifiers including a portable/car version; community air quality monitoring)

Austin Air

Air Scrubber (if you do get one installed, make sure it is the ozone free version; most heating companies will install)

See product page for other air purifier options

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning recipes (Page 2)

Safer Choice

Briotech (disinfectants and more)

Dry brushing without toothpaste (may decrease plaque build-up and bleeding)

O3waterworks (Laundry and disinfectant system using ozone. Note: some people may not be able to tolerate even small amounts of ozone so please consider this before purchasing. There is a 30 day return policy)


Green Building Supply (flooring, paints, home goods and cleaning)

Green Home Solutions (flooring, cabinets, insulation and more; based in Seattle, WA)

The Real Milk Paint Company (non-toxic, natural and no VOCs paint, finishes and more)

American Clay Walls (clay plaster; alternative to paint)

My Chemical-Free House

HomeFree (product guidance)

CanCoverIt (to cover can lights, ceiling fans and more to reduce outdoor air pollution from coming inside and increase energy efficiency); *one of the safer forms of insulation on the market; did have a green apple scent upon receiving (likely antifungal); we off-gassed it for about 3 weeks outside before install and had no problem. The owner is very responsive to questions.


Even when buying organic clothing, it is good to wash it 1-2 times before use as there still can be some chemicals on it from packing and other sources. When buying non-organic clothing it’s best to soak in baking soda and water and wash a few times before wearing. This may be enough to get the chemicals out of clothing, but if you have severe chemical sensitivity some items may be more difficult to remove the chemicals. Placing clothing in sun may also help.

15 Organic Clothing Lines from The Good Trade 

Blue Canoe 


It’s Our Nature (hats)


Primary (up to 12 years old) 

Soul Flower 

Soulmate Socks

Mattress, Bedding & More


All Organic Home


The Futon Shop (mattresses, sofas and more)

10 Affordable Organic & Natural Mattresses by The Good Trade

Under The Canopy (bedding, towels, mattresses & more)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity / Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance


Traveling with an environmental illness can be very difficult and if possible always have a back-up plan and bring your own bedding. Here are some possible resources for finding safer accommodations. It’s okay to ask for a different room. Always contact prior to make sure they are able to accommodate your needs. For example, some may be fragrant-free and still have wood-burning on the property. Make sure air fresheners are not used in the rooms or hallways and request fragrance-free bedding.  I have not stayed at any of these places and this is based on recommendations from others. Please confirm before traveling.

Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR (Scent-Free policy, organic vegetarian food; I’ve stayed here twice; most guests are also scent-free)

Environmentally Safe Travel website

Environmentally Safe Travel Facebook group for latest reviews from travelers

LEED Certified Hotel Rooms

Green Hotels Association

Home 2 Suites (Hilton; Pure Rooms may not necessarily be the best ones; some with MCS are not able to tolerate these rooms due to essential oil use)

North Country Farm, Kauai, HI (organic farm, eco-friendly rooms)

The North Berkley Hills Homestay, Berkley, CA (specifically for MCS)

How to Book the Healthiest Rooms

Some hotels may be able to accommodate with notice. Some recommend going to a Motel 6 or Best Western where you can open the windows, but be mindful of places near the highway. 



Moving To Heal is not endorsing any of the above websites or their content and is providing these links as informational resources only.

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