Health Support & Guidance

It is my purpose to guide and support individuals living with chronic illness to reclaim their health and truly heal.

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One on one sessions are the most efficient way to work with your unique situation. Integrating my experience as an RN and Certified Integrative Medicine Health coach, I’ll listen to your concerns, and ask you powerful questions that can guide and motivate you. Together we’ll build a structured, supportive partnership where you are in charge of the speed and depth of change.

We’ll go through your entire situation, including health status & treatments, medical history and medication, environmental health, food & nutrition, fitness & exercise, life situation & relationships, beliefs and purpose. 

I understand the work that it takes to heal. I used to believe that healing from a chronic illness could take years and then I experienced the healing benefits of bioresonance (frequency therapy), phototherapy (light therapy) and other energy modalities. I have started integrating these energy medicine tools into my practice with the intention of educating and empowering others on how to use these modalities. Energy medicine can be accessible to anyone who is open and willing to learn simple and effective tools. 

Working with me, you will receive much more than “coaching” which is why I avoid using this term. You will understand why you are sick and I will be there every step of the way as you heal and transform. I can help you sort through and streamline your medical information while creating a supportive healing team. I will not heal you. That is your job. My goal is to empower you to make lasting changes to your life; changes that will bring healing, joy, and energy.

The Process

Individual Health Support and Guidance is a process that usually takes 6 – 12 months or more depending on the severity of the health condition and individual needs.

Frequency of sessions may vary based on the individual and the concerns. 

Sessions are 15 – 60 minutes depending on the goal and are held virtually via phone or videoconference.

Education for using Healy frequency device and phototherapy patches may be done outside of 1:1 sessions. My goal is to provide resources and tools so you can integrate these modalities into your life.

Bioresonance scans and healing frequencies with a Healy are available as part of a 1:1 session or as a separate appointment via text or email.

Sessions May Include
  • Comprehensive health analysis and research as needed
  • Meal plan ideas
  • Supplement recommendations as needed. Clients receive a discount off supplements through Fullscript and I do receive a % of the sales.
  • *NEW* – Healy bioresonance scans and healing frequencies 
  • *NEW* – Support and guidance to integrate energy medicine into your life through use of healing frequency device and/or phototherapy patches.
  • Lifestyle recommendations including stress management
  • Follow up recommendations with another healthcare provider when needed
  • Recommendations for testing as needed
  • Text or email support between sessions

Now Seeing Limited Number of Clients

After relocating to a new area, I’m now opening my practice back up to a limited number of clients. You can contact me to for schedule availability. 

Services and Packages

Initial Consultation – $250

In the initial health consultation, we’ll meet for 2 hours to conduct a thorough intake and assessment, identify goals and begin creating an individualized plan of care. Paperwork will need to be completed before scheduling an appointment. Session may include energy medicine work depending on time availability and client need.

Follow up sessions are 60 minutes.

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The long term work will take place during a number of Follow Up Sessions. We’ll continue our discussions, review and adjust the plan of care, and address any insights, questions or concerns you may have. Some clients find it useful to go over their other provider recommendations as the information may be conflicting and confusing. I can help you sort through the details, so that you understand what it means. 

Follow up sessions may include energy medicine work and are also a great time to receive support and encouragement on your healing journey that can feel isolating and rocky at times. Change takes time and we all do the best we can at the capacity that we have in the moment. If you focus on making one change and integrating it into your routine at a time, change is more likely to stick. And most importantly, be compassionate to yourself on your healing journey.

Follow Up Sessions are 60 minutes and are purchased by the individual session or in a package of 3. Follow up sessions range from $100 – $125/session. I am also available to answer questions between sessions.

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No refund policy for all packages. -1

Receive a set of Healy bioresonance scans and healing frequencies each session. It’s important that people are able to hydrate during the session. Frequency only sessions are conducted virtually via text or email and can last between 10-30 minutes at a time depending on results and individual needs.


– One Scan/Frequency Session: $50

– 5 Scan/Frequency Sessions: $200 ($40/session)

– 10 Scan Frequency Sessions: $300 ($30/session)


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No refund policy for all packages

Supplement and medication review – Cost $150. *I will create a list of all your medications and supplements including purpose, doses, frequency, ingredients and more. This will be available as a reference to share with your providers. This will be updated as needed for no additional cost.

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While I have found there are basic changes people can make without testing based on the symptoms they are experiencing and intuitive guidance, I am able to offer basic functional medicine lab tests if clients prefer. This may include evaluating adrenal and hormone levels, gut health and food sensitivity testing. This is an additional cost to the client and usually isn’t required for better results. Accuracy of testing is questionable at times. If you have already completed functional medicine testing with another provider and need help with implementation of protocols, please provide them during your consultation.

“Service is another part of the Healing Bubble. Dedicating our lives to serving the world connects us to one another and reminds us to focus on something bigger than ourselves.” – Lissa Rankin

DISCLAIMER: The Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs of the Healy are not medical applications. They are not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent disease, and have not been reviewed by the FDA. The information on these pages is for reference and educational purposes only. It should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek such advice from a qualified medical professional.