I am Enough. I know Enough. I have Enough. I am here to Serve YOU.

I Know Enough – To “Be”

Too many times we are told in life that we need to do more, make more money, take more trainings, grow our businesses, become well-known and we often lose sight of what is important. Facing a chronic illness can definitely change one’s perspective on what really matters. This past year I found myself holding back from various trainings, meetings and conferences as I needed to conserve my energy while also realizing that I have the information I need. But in the process, something else shifted. A realization that I had been busy doing so many other things, that I was missing the most precious moments of allowing myself to “Be”. To fully enjoy connecting with nature and spending time with friends and family without having to “Do” something. Allowing myself to “Be” has given me space to receive and the insights I am receiving each day (especially on the days when I am among the trees) blows my mind.

A Message

I have been getting a sense that something really needed to shift in how I run my business, but I wasn’t really clear what I was sensing and why and then the message came through from a friend’s post on Facebook. Kara McKay I know from the Nia community and I’d like to share some of what she wrote as there was so much truth in it for me:

“Remember a time (maybe it was before your time) when a person could ask for help or advice and it was human decency to help each other out? There was even a time (yes even in white people history) when we did things like barn raising, bringing food to sick families, listening when our friends’ hearts were breaking. It wasn’t labeled communism, it was community. We got together to play music, dance and eat. It wasn’t labeled a workshop or event that had a price tag on it. We are humans being friends creating fun experiences together. There was immense profit in that.”

“I’m exhausted by branding and selling. I’m totally over it! I’ve peeked behind the curtain too many times to see the chasm between the personal growth and development stage personalities and the real struggling, stressed out actors, pretending to live what they give. I’ve seen the seminar junkies going further into debt hooked on the next high and promise of health, wealth and happiness.”

“What I want most is to be of service. If I can help, I will. If not, I won’t. In the meantime, I can honestly say life is much richer without hours of marketing, branding, selling, striving, attempting to make a name for myself.”

“Do what truly makes your heart happy, most of the rest of it is bullshit.” – Kara McKay

I Have Enough – Community

There it was – the truth. The truth that so much of the work I had been doing was focused on marketing my business rather than serving my students, clients and community. I’ve always enjoyed creating community. Seven years ago, I began organizing monthly neighborhood BBQ’s and ladies’ nights and now we gather for camping trips and more. Each person has taken on more responsibility in organizing our gatherings over the years. We’ve been there to support each other with meals when someone has been ill or had a new baby, we’ve watched each other kids and even helped with moving. And in December, many of them showed up to help us tear out our hardwood floors, put in cork, place trim and move stuff back in within less than a week so we could be home for Christmas. In Nia this has also been occurring on the sidelines with people going for walks after class, social gatherings and helping each other in moments of need. I’d love to see this continue to expand.

I am Enough – Value

I’m often told, you need to value the work you do and your prices should reflect this value. I’ve struggled with this as I don’t want money to be a reason people don’t get the help they need. Especially in the chronic illness world in which many people have depleted their bank accounts and are unable to work. Why is it that we attach money to our value? Isn’t our contribution to helping others enough value. If the work I did was really about the money, I would be working in the hospital getting paid at least $60,000 for part time work. Instead last year my business net worth was closer to $8000 and the most I’ve ever made is my business is about $10,000. Yet I have worked harder than I had getting paid $60,000. The value I see from doing the work is the transformation and healing that occurs in my students and clients and the love, encouragement and support I receive in return as their guide and teacher.


I could spend $4000 – $6000 to hire a business coach who will help me brand myself, package my services and communicate my message. I could create more Facebook ads and build my email list. I could spend countless hours trying to market myself and attend a variety of networking meetings, but why?

Where is my purpose in all of this? What is my purpose? My purpose is to help others heal. To shine a light on the truth of why people are sick and how to get better. How is spending my time, $ and energy serving that purpose when I could be focusing on serving you and helping people heal. Yes, I know, you can’t help people if they don’t know you exist. But why is it I was doing quite well before I decided to create an official business? I know there are basic things I will always need to do for my business, but not at the capacity I was doing prior to my illness. It’s time to stop being distracted by the “fluff” and get real.

I am Here To Serve You

I have enough.

I am enough.

I know enough.

I have a roof over my head.

I have running water.

I have electricity.

I have healthy organic food for my plate.

I have a husband who financially supports us.

I have friends.

I have family.

I have community.

What more do I need? Nothing, but the desire to help others to see the light so they can heal and transform whether it is through my Nia classes, support groups or health consults.

I am here to serve you and with that means, I will be shifting my business model. I am fortunate to have low overhead costs and a husband who supports our family. The reality is I do have some basic business operating expenses and we don’t live in tribes of 100 people like we used to. But it doesn’t mean that money needs to be a barrier for people to reclaim their health and live a fulfilled life.

From now on, all my Nia classes are donation-based. You pay what you want/can afford when and as often as you want. You can even attend class for free and when possible find ways to serve the community. This will continue for as long as it serves all of us. My only request is that you share our community with others so more people can receive the healing gifts that each and every one of us provide.

New Health Conscious Community Guidelines

Healthy boundaries are essential to supporting this change and I will be outlining more details to come in this regard as well as some general donation-based guidelines. But there are some general guidelines we all can abide by to continue to keep this community safe.

  1. Be accountable for your own healing
  2. Respect others
  3. Support and encourage others
  4. Show compassion
  5. Come from a place of love
  6. Be willing to “fall” and let others catch you
  7. Be vulnerable and open
  8. Be willing to change and think outside the box
  9. Be mindful of others’ time and energy
  10. Be honest

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to create a safe community for us to gather and support each other. If there is anything I can do to serve you, please reach out to me at any time. To many new possibilities!


Pauline Osborne

206-697-2273 or pauline@movingtoheal.net

A video message that includes what is next for health consults as well.

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