An Angel’s Dusting

As flakes began to fall joy exploded into the Osborne household.

The kids who were constantly arguing and fussy instantly calmed down and their faces lit up.

The adults’ moods lightened at the sight of snow and joy now permeated the household.

The switch from green to white in an afternoon is a sight rarely seen in this neighborhood. Beauty and magic unfold.

We roam the town running errands for a couple of hours enjoying the white dusting that cover the buildings, streets and trees.

We return and the kids spend hours playing.

Jumping on the trampoline with joy.

Throwing snowballs.

Making snow angels.

Building a snow man and fort.

Sledding down a hill (even in a laundry basket).

The powdery dusting unlike anything we usually get adds an extra lightness.

I sink into 9″ inches of cold softness and feel light kisses on my face. I breathe fully.

Seeing a wave move across a thick layer of dusting I sense the energy of flow and ease.

Birds fly in and out of the bird feeder while the cats watch from inside.

Now this is living. Full embodiment of what truly matters in life. Feeling a need to slow down and enjoy nature’s pure form.

Safe and warm in our house at night leaves an inner peace. Our pain and worries soothed with an Angel’s dusting and we are reminded that we will be okay. That this is the magic of life.

I fall asleep with the curtains open absorbing the beautiful and powerful energy of the world outside.

A magical winter wonderland.

I wake up in the morning with a call. No school. Excitement and the beauty of the snow keeps me awake. Instead I write.

With no real commitments I can fully enjoy these moments of stillness watching an Angel’s dusting and entering into a meditative state.

It’s the best day ever. Thank you to the Angel of Snow for bringing your magic to this earth.

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