Pauline Osborne, RN, MN


I’m Pauline Osborne, the Owner of Moving To Heal LLC and a Registered Nurse (RN), certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach, and Nia Black Belt fitness instructor.

With the loss of my mother to suicide at an early age, I stepped into the role of a caregiver first as a sister and later as a niece, daughter to a father with Alzheimer’s, registered nurse and mother. Awareness, balance, self-care and a good support system have been essential in supporting myself and my ability to care for others.

My interest in nursing began as a young child because of my desire to help other people. Growing up, I became fascinated learning about the different concepts that make up one’s spectrum of health.

While working toward my Bachelor’s in nursing, I discovered Nia, a unique form of low impact dance fitness that connected me more deeply to myself and provided an outlet for authentic self-expression and self-care. While working as an inpatient RN, the expanding joy that Nia added to my life convinced me to train in the Nia method, and I’ve been teaching ever since. 

As a professional nurse, I’ve worked in a wide variety of roles including being a volunteer, nursing assistant, inpatient oncology RN, outpatient chemotherapy RN, oncology clinical nurse and educator, lung cancer patient navigator, health advocate and health coach.

Throughout my nursing career, I strove to see beyond an individual’s diagnosis and recognize the person inside the patient so that healing could be welcome on all levels – mind, body, emotions and spirit.

I have been passionate about integrative medicine throughout my journey as a nurse and this led me to become a certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach through the Academy for Integrative Medicine.

During my training I learned how my life story had impacted my health for many years. At that time, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue as well as bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and leaky gut. Making my own health and lifestyle changes to address these issues has required patience, support, guidance and persistence.

As an Integrative Medicine Health Coach, it is my mission to guide women who care for others to discover self-love and self-healing on their unique paths across the full spectrum of health.

Receiving Health Coaching has impacted my life and health in such a positive way. I love teaching and am a natural educator, so in addition to serving as a Health Coach for my own clients, I also serve as a mentor for current students in the Academy of Integrative Medicine’s Health Coaching program.

Today, I am proud to be fulfilling my lifelong dream of helping others. As a Health Coach and Nia instructor, I help my clients become personally empowered to create vibrant wellness in every aspect of their lives by knowing that they are seen, heard and fully supported on their journey to optimal health.

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