2019 The Year to “BE”

We are busy. So much to do. So many priorities. But when do we allow ourselves to “BE” – to really enjoy the precious moments in life that truly matter and feed and nourish our whole being? 2019 is the time to give myself more space to “Be” and enjoy what truly matters. Here is how I want to “BE” in 2019 that will help guide me in my decision-making in 2019.

I will allow myself to

Be Present

Be Joyful

Be in Nature

Be Content

Be Creative

Be Positive

Be Mindful

Be with Friends

Be in Community

Be Playful

Be with Family

Be my Authentic Self

Be Unapologetic

Be Active

Be Engaged

Be with Purpose

Be Courageous

Be the Light


How do you want to be?

Please share what’s important for you in 2019.

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