What Is Moving To Heal Nia? How Is It Different To Nia?

We have talked before about Nia, what it is, and what a class experience might be like.  Today we are going to explore a different kind of class called Moving To Heal Nia.

What is Moving to Heal Nia?

The Moving to Heal Nia program* teaches people to listen to the voice of the body – sensation. Sensation is a tool for self-healing. Sessions begin with a body awareness walk and end with an expression of gratitude for the body that we have. During class, I guide you through a mindful movement experience using Nia’s 7 class cycles.  I begin by setting a focus and intent for our class.  We then warm up, and enjoy aerobic movement. We complete the class by consciously stepping out of the class environment and into the rest of our day.

Who is Moving to Heal Nia for?

Anyone can attend a Moving to Heal Nia class. However, Moving to Heal Nia was originally designed for those recovering from injuries and a variety of chronic and life-threatening health conditions including anxiety, depression, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia and more. The class is also a great place for students to start if they are new to an exercise program and want to start more slowly.

What is the difference between a Classic Nia Class and Moving to Heal Nia Class?

Moving to Heal Nia focuses more on sensation and using movement to feel better and heal. The class is generally done with fewer movements and is often slowed down, depending on the group. Some Moving to Heal Nia programs are offered seated. While this isn’t the emphasis of the class included in Moving To Heal’s Barefoot Movement program, it is an option for students.

The structure is slightly different with an “awareness walk’ in the beginning and a “gratitude walk” towards the end. Please remember, there is always the option to enjoy class from a chair, if necessary. Each class will have a particular focus on sensation of different parts of the body (e.g. feet, legs, pelvis, hands, etc.). This focus helps students to become more aware of the body, of how it moves and works for us.  We learn how to observe where our body feels good, where it feels less good, and then think about what we can do that helps it to feel better.

Overall, Moving to Heal Nia emphasizes healing while Classic Nia emphasizes conditioning. Moving to Heal Nia may be compared to Classic Nia as one would compared Restorative Yoga to a regular yoga class.

What benefits will I receive?

Students will develop a deeper relationship with their body so they can begin to make choices that will enable them to feel better in their body and in their life.

Check out this amazing story of a student who attended one of my Moving to Heal Nia classes a couple of years ago.

Then, come to class, and experience Nia for yourself.


*Moving to Heal Nia classes were created through Nia Headquarters. Coincidentally my business name is  Moving To Heal, LLC.  My company was created separately from this program.

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