Private Nia Classes


In order to bring Nia more fully to the community, I offer individual and group private Nia classes in addition to my regularly scheduled classes at Emerald City Judo. Days and times depend on availability at Emerald City Judo. I also offer onsite Nia classes at your location, for a nominal travel fee in addition to the regular private class rate.



“Pauline, the sessions I had in your home were healing, fun and life-changing. YOU are a gracious healer & I’m so grateful for the work you do. Nia gave me a way to relieve my chronic pain.”  – Dawnita H.

Individual Private Nia Sessions

Private Nia sessions are ideal for anyone who is new to Nia and wants a personalized start. One-on-one instruction will take you through the fundamentals of the technique, preparing you for the experience of a group class. Nia’s ability to adapt to all body types and fitness levels can be taught in a private session, making a fuller experience possible, regardless of fitness levels.

For individuals who are experienced with Nia, private sessions can be used to challenge your athleticism or stimulate your creativity and connection to joyfulness, while deepening your relationship with your body and the work of Nia.

Private sessions are also ideal for those recovering from an injury or with special needs and are taught in a Moving to Heal format. Each session is designed specifically to guide individuals down a path of self-healing, regardless of ability.
For a free consult to discuss your goals and needs, contact me.

Each private session is 60 minutes. All sessions are prepaid. Travel fee may apply.

• Single session: $90

• 4 Sessions: $320 (valid for 2 months)

• 8 Sessions: $560 (valid for 4 months)

• Introductory package: 3 Sessions for $180 (must be used within 2 months)

Contact me to schedule


Small/ Large Group Private Nia Sessions

A private group Nia class provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with the experience of Nia together outside of a regularly scheduled class.

Class content can be tailored based on the needs and interests of the group. Nia private classes are a fun way to celebrate special events such as a bridal shower, ladies night out, birthdays, baby shower, and more.

Each private session is 60 minutes. All sessions are prepaid. Travel fee may apply.

• 2 – 4 individuals: $35/person
• 5 – 8 individuals: $25/person
• 9 – 12 individuals: $18/person
• 13 – 20 individuals: $15/person
• 21 or more individuals: $10/person

A 10% discount will be applied to 4 prepaid private group sessions.

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Healing Nia Ceremonies

When an individual has a life-changing event such as a diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness, the impact can go beyond the individual to affect friends, family, and the whole community.

Healing Nia ceremonies provide an opportunity for friends, families, and the community to support an individual(s) in the process of healing while also nurturing themselves.

Rates are the same as the small/large group private Nia sessions. For a free consult to discuss your needs, contact me.

Contact me to schedule your Individual or Group’s Private Nia Session today



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