What is Nia?

This is not always an easy question to answer as Nia isn’t something you can easily describe in a quick sound bite. Nia has depth beyond that of many standard fitness programs that allows people to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies based on their age and fitness level. At the end of a class students may describe feeling: joyful, relaxed, centered, grounded, happy, in less pain, less stressed, emotional release, energized, stronger, able to face the struggles of life with more ease, clarity of purpose and next steps, and able to get a workout without hurting their body.


In Nia we emphasize healing and play with a variety of music, rhythms, energies, emotions and movements. We can go from a high energy class to a more meditative experience. You won’t get bored. Nia has 7 cycles where we set a focus and intent (e.g. the feet with the intention of feeling grounded); step in to leave distractions behind; warm up all 13 joints; get moving to increase our heart rate; cool down; floor play with emphasis on strength and flexibility; and then stepping out bringing with us what we learned into our lives. 


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Join me for a Special Nia Moving To Heal Experience on NiaTV. Nia Moving To Heal is an adapted form of Nia specially designed for those living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. You can get a 1 month free trial using the code nia-pauline-osborne with this link. Plus there are many other Nia classes you can check out as well on this online platform.

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