The Health Coaching Process

Integrative Health Coaching is a collaborative process that can help lead you to more vibrant and lasting health. The process of working together may last 3 – 12 months and is an important investment in your health and self-care.

Introductory Session

A free 30 minute consultation is available to give you an overview of Health Coaching and the chance to ask and answer questions. What does it mean to work with an integrative medicine health coach (PDF)?

Once we determine if our styles, goals and skills are a good match, the next step is to schedule your Health Consultation.

Health Consultation

In your health consultation, we’ll meet for 2 hours to conduct a thorough intake and assessment, identify goals and needs for further testing, and formulate an individualized plan of care based on your objectives. You’ll also choose a coaching package that fits your needs, goals and finances.

The initial health consultation costs $250. This may be paid independently or applied to the cost of any package.

Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching is for individuals who want to make lifestyle changes to improve their overall health and well-being.

Through personalized Coaching, I provide you with an individualized plan of care based on a thorough health intake and functional medicine lab testing. The following tests may be recommended as needed: saliva testing for adrenal and hormonal levels, stool and/or food sensitivity testing.

As your personal accountability coach, it is my role to support you through any challenges and keep you motivated and excited about achieving your health goals. In this process of making incremental lifestyle changes, we use the MBody360 app to stay connected between health coaching sessions. My clients say the app helps keep them engaged with their personal plan of care and on track to reach their health goals in a reasonable amount of time.

The Nia Technique – Movement Medicine for Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit

Through the Nia Technique I will guide you to re-connect with, move into and love your body. Movement has an amazing capacity to heal. As needed during regular coaching sessions, we will explore movements and sound to increase your awareness of your emotions and allow you to connect and express your self, your being. Nia may be offered during regular coaching sessions in 5, 10, 15, 30 minute sessions based on identified needs and your personal goals. For additional support, I recommend that you drop in to one of my regular community Nia classes

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