Thank You – The Next Step In My Journey To Acceptance of Change

Thank you.  It can be hard to accept the inevitability of change.  I am sharing my journey with all of you, in hopes of showing you what I have learned this week.  I want to thank you, because I have learned that you are never alone, that there are always people who understand your struggle, that there is always love, and support, and encouragement.  You can watch my short video blog here, or read about this next step in my journey below.

I can’t express in words how grateful I am for all the words of encouragement and support and love I have received since I announced I was stepping back from teaching Nia classes and taking a short sabbatical.  Last Saturday night the reality of what was going on hit hard and I was in a panic.  I was crying and emotional, and I knew I needed to feel it, I needed to be with it. Yes, this is a place of change. This is a place of transformation, and if there’s anything that Nia teaches us it’s about the joy of movement.

This is the essence, the principle of Nia.  It’s about being able to accept where you are, in the here and the now. Whether you’re happy, or sad, or joyful, or scared, or depressed, or anxious, it’s about allowing yourself to be with it versus suppressing all of your feelings. So I need to take this in myself and allow myself to feel it.  I need to not push it down, I need to let it come out, let it surface.  And I couldn’t do this alone.

I had a friend who sent me a quote from spiritual awakenings and I want to read this to you because for me this is a great message for what I’m going through. I know a lot of you may be going through your own transitions in your own life, so I want to share this with you.

It says

Every situation in our lives has a lesson to teach us.

Some of these lessons include to be stronger, to communicate more clearly, to trust your instincts, to express your love, to forgive, to know when to let go, to try something new.

Things change but the Sun always rises the next day.

The bad news? Nothing is permanent.

The good news? Nothing is permanent.

For me I think my greatest lesson is about learning to let go, to step out of my comfort so I can grow.

The other thing that I have come to realize is that I’m not alone.  You have showed me that I’m not alone, and and I hope you can realize that you aren’t alone – as you make your own change.

Thank you. I’m grateful for everything you have done to support me in this process and I continue to welcome your comments, your words of encouragement, your support.

Sending you out some love, too – thank you.

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