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Moving To Heal’s Barefoot Movement Program offers Nia classes, yoga and private celebrations that are open to any age or fitness level and can be used to support individuals dealing with a variety of health issues including anxiety, depression, fatigue, and injuries. Rediscover your authentic playful self through this healing integrative barefoot program that will leave you feeling more energized, grounded and relaxed. 

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*New Yoga Class with Dr. Patti Shelton on Wednesdays 12 – 1 pm starting January 10th, 2018 

*The only evening Nia class on the Eastside begins January 11th on Thursdays from 5:30 – 6:30 pm 

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• Moving to Heal Nia Class

The Moving to Heal Nia program* teaches people to listen to the voice of the body – sensation. Sensation is a tool for self-healing. Sessions begin with a body awareness walk (or seated as needed) and ends with body gratitude. I guide you through a mindful movement experience using Nia’s 7 class cycles beginning with a focus and intent, warm up, aerobic movement and consciously stepping out.

Each session culminates in a “Dancing Through Life” tip – to bring the self-healing focus into the individuals’ daily lives. Moving to Heal Nia experience is defined simply by “I feel better.” Students learn how to personalize movement to adapt to their health needs. 

Read about a student’s experience with the Moving To Heal Nia Class.

*New Moving To Heal Nia Class with Pauline Osborne on Fridays 12 – 1 pm starting January 12th, 2018

*Moving to Heal Nia classes were created through Nia Headquarters. Coincidentally my business name Moving To Heal, LLC was created separate from this program.

“I had a great time at Moving To Heal [Nia] class! Although I was there the first time was warmly welcomed and felt very comfortable there. The instructor is joyful and energetic with a smile on her face all the time :).”
—Agata, Nia student

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Benefits of Nia

The many benefits of Nia include:

  •   Cardiovascular conditioning
  •   Stress reduction
  •   Improved muscle tone
  •   Greater flexibility and agility
  •   Improved self-esteem
  •   Body – Mind – Spirit integration
  •   Increased vitality
  •   Emotional release
  •   Postural alignment
  •   Weight management
  •   More energy
  •   Better circulation
  •   Stronger immune system
  •   More stamina and endurance
  •   Improved digestion
  •   Better concentration
  •   Relaxation
  •   Centering and grounding
  •   More strength
  •   Greater balance

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Nia Australia


Nia Benefit for Cancer Lifeline

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