Moving To Heal is a personalized wellness practice that combines health coaching and a barefoot movement program to help you discover a more authentic and joyful version of you.

Managing your health can be overwhelming especially when you’re not feeling well. You need support and someone to listen. I work with individuals coping with depression, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain and more to identify the root cause of your issues and find a path to healing.

If you’re ready to:

Reclaim your health • Regain balance • Play more • Rediscover your passion for caring for others • Find increased joy in daily life

… I’d love to work with you. As an RN, Integrative Health Coach, and Nia fitness instructor, I serve as a trusted guide and partner, supporting you to get the care you need – and deserve – while providing the physical, emotional and mental tools required to achieve true healing. I’m Pauline Osborne, the founder of Moving To Heal. It is my goal to improve the mind-body-spirit health of individuals, families and my community by being a leader in health partnership and embodying movement as medicine.

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Nia fitness

Nia is joyful fitness for every body. If you desire to feel more at home in your own body, to express yourself more freely and to reconnect with your authentic joy, drop in to one of my weekly Nia classes, book a private Nia session, or better yet, buy a pass to magnify the benefits of this transformative practice. Learn more


Health Coaching

Have you been feeling exhausted, depressed, hormonal or just not yourself in the past year? Your body’s systems may be out of balance. As an Integrative Health Coach, I partner collaboratively with you help you achieve your health goals in a time frame that works for your schedule, finances and lifestyle. Learn more


The Health Coaching Process

Working with an Integrative Health Coach is a valuable process. Through functional lab testing, a customized plan of care, and focused support, I serve as a partner and guide to help you reclaim your energy, re-discover vitality and become a better version of you. Learn more 


My Story

I have a Master’s degree in nursing and have spent much of my career in oncology care. Working with cancer patients, I strove to recognize the person inside each patient so they would feel seen and heard. As an Integrative Health Coach, I bring these skills and more to the table to help each client design a path to true and lasting healing. Learn more

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“Wellness is a choice, a way of life, a process, an efficient channeling of energy,
an integration of body, mind, spirit and a loving acceptance of self.”

– John Travis