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Are you ready to develop a healthy relationship with you body? Do you want a joyful way to be fit and nourish your body, mind, emotions & spirit?  Are you ready to tap into the wisdom of your body to heal and transform your health and life?

In this day and age many people are struggling with at least one chronic health condition and often more. If you are sensitive to the emotional and physical toxins in this lifetime, it can be a painful and isolating at times. There is a need for more joy, education, support and community on how to move forward. Managing your health can be overwhelming especially when you’re not feeling well and there is so much information out their to sort through. You don’t need to do it alone.

I work with individuals coping with depression, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, autoimmunity, and more to identify the root cause of your issues and find a path to healing. Your body has been sending you messages that something is out of balance, it’s time to release the labels and identify the underlying cause whether it is environmental toxins, viruses, pathogens or more. You did not cause yourself to be ill. Your body isn’t attacking itself. Understanding the truth to your symptoms is the first step towards healing.

If you’re ready to Step Into Your Joyful Essence and Positively Shape The Way you Feel, Look, Think, and Move

… I would love to work with you. With combined knowledge, experience, and education, it is my goal to improve the mind-body-spirit health of individuals, families and our community by being a leader in health and embodying food and movement as medicine.

Nia – Joyful Fitness

Nia is joyful dance fitness for every body. If you desire to feel more at home in your own body, to express yourself more freely and to reconnect with your authentic joy, we’d love to have you join our community. Classes have now moved to a donation “Pay from the heart” model. You choose what you want to pay based on ability or consider how you could be of service to the community. Learn more

pauline osborne rn holistic health coaching process to reduce fatigue relieve anxiety depression and reclaim vitality

Health Support & Guidance

Have you been feeling exhausted, depressed, hormonal or just not yourself in the past year? Are you suffering from mysterious symptoms that your provider hasn’t been able to identify? Your body’s systems may be out of balance and identifying the root cause of your symptoms is essential. As a Body-Centered Health Practitioner & Guide, I can work collaboratively with you to help you identify the root cause of your symptoms and achieve your health goals in a time frame that works for your schedule, finances and lifestyle. Learn more

Classes & Group Support

Dance, move, learn and receive support in classes available to the general community. Plus starting October 2nd, 2018 there will be a free health support group following Nia class on Tuesdays. Learn more 

Events and Specials

Experience an opportunity for healthcare providers, patients/clients and the general community to come together to move, dance and learn. Next “Dance with Your Doc & Move with Your Healer” is on Sunday, March 10th. Learn more…

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“Wellness is a choice, a way of life, a process, an efficient channeling of energy,
an integration of body, mind, spirit and a loving acceptance of self.”

– John Travis